Consignment Auctions

Do you have a cluttered house, garage, shed or workshop and need to reclaim the wasted space? You don’t want to deal with the hassle of selling these unwanted items yourself but don’t want to give it all away or throw it out either. Maybe you have a collection to liquidate? Perhaps you enjoy flipping/reselling and are seeking out alternative avenues to market your merchandise? Whatever the case may be, Through The Vine Auctions, LLC is here to help!

We host weekly online consignment auctions with no upfront cost to the sellers. You can choose to bring the items to us or allow us to do the hard work and request our team comes out to pick the items up. We will organize and lot the items in the manner we believe will appeal to our bidders. We then photograph/video each lot to showcase its quality, dimensions, and any obvious flaws. We post these weekly consignment auctions each Saturday morning and bring them to a close on Tuesday nights. That may seem like a rather quick turnaround, but due to the following of bidders that we’ve acquired throughout our years of service we are able to ensure active bidder participation.

So what do we charge for this service? Well, as stated above there is no upfront cost. Once the auction closes and the bidders have all paid for, picked up or had their purchases shipped we will cut a check for you and withhold our commission from the proceeds.

  • We charge a fee of 25% to auction items brought to us
  • We charge a fee of 50% to auction items we have to transport back to our facilities.


Are you downsizing to a smaller house now that the kids are grown? Maybe you are in the process of making a career change and must move to another city or state? Have you been chosen to act as the executor of a friend’s or family member’s estate? Let Through The Vine Auctions, LLC help ease the stress of these situations.

In our initial meeting we will listen to your concerns, answer your questions and discuss the benefits of the auction method. Should you feel comfortable moving forward and choose to sign our Personal Property Auction Agreement, we will then schedule a time for our Asset Management Team to come out and begin the cataloging process. Once our team arrives on-site, they will begin organizing, staging, photographing, researching and describing all the assets to be sold. At the same time our staff back at the office will begin developing a marketing strategy to promote these assets to bidders across the nation. When our Asset Management Team completes the setup of your auction, we will list it to our website for the bidding to begin.

Personal Property Auctions are usually posted for a minimum of ten (10) days up to twenty-one (21) days depending on the assets involved as well as the advertising/promotional needs. During this time we are diligently working to spread the word about your auction through social media and paid advertisements. In the days before the auctions ends we will once again reach out to you and answer any last minute questions or concerns.

After the auction closes and the bidders have all paid and picked up or scheduled the shipping of their purchased items, we will meet with you to deliver a closing settlement and cut a check for the auction proceeds minus our commission.

Commission for a personal property auction can vary from auction to auction due to the size of the estate, the type of inventory, amount of labor and numerous other factors.


Whether going out of business or simply reducing the surplus inventory of your company, Through The Vine Auctions, LLC can assist. Allow us to put our experience and network of local and nationwide bidders to work for you.


Often times we come across individuals who have assets they wish to sell but don’t want to wait for the auction process to take place before receiving a payout. In these situations, if an agreement can be reached, Through The Vine Auctions, LLC will purchase these assets outright.


Throughout our experience in the auction industry we have come across numerous hoarder houses. Some obvious form the outside looking in, and some more unsuspecting to passersby. Often these homes are full of nothing but mountains of garbage with only a barely passable pathway to the more necessary features of the house, such as the refrigerator and restroom. Sometimes the resident was simply addicted to online and “as seen on tv” shopping, with loads of new and unopened merchandise. Whatever the case may be, Through The Vine Auctions, LLC can take on this undertaking for you.

If provided with the dumpster(s) needed, our team will do the dirty work for you. We will provide a two (2) to four (4) man crew to sift through and dispose of all the accumulated waste while setting aside any personal photos, sentimental items or legal/financial paperwork discovered in the process.

Our standard fee for this service is an hourly rate of $20.00 per laborer and the right to any items of interest found along the way. However, these terms may be negotiable on a case-by-case basis.

Expedited Auctions

The average auction, from meeting with the client to closing settlement, can be a somewhat lengthy process. Set up is usually a two (2) to ten (10) day process, followed by ten (10) to twenty-one (21) days of online bidding before a day or two for pickup. For most clients this timeframe is not an issue. However, at times there can be a need to expedite this process in order to meet the needs of a potential client.

If you need to liquidate your assets and time is of the essence then allow Through The Vine Auctions, LLC to step in and handle this situation for you. In these instances, we will work into the night or over the weekend to rapidly catalog and describe your items, so we market them to potential bidders. Depending on your timeline, we can make your assets available for bidding at auction for as little as one (1) day if need be. We can do this due to the following of bidders we’ve acquired throughout our years of service.

Our rates vary for this service depending on the amount and quality of the assets as well as the timeline restraints.